International in outlook and spirit, Jane was born and educated in England, speaks fluent French and German and is learning Spanish. She has lived and worked in France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Cyprus, South Africa, Canada and now the USA. Jane began acting professionally in the late 1980’s and has established herself as an accomplished leading actor on three continents. She has toured nationally in South Africa and Canada and worked with many prominent directors and producers, receiving critical acclaim for her performances.

Jane is an actress of astonishing depth, imagination and creativity.  — Pieter Toerien, Producer

Jane has worked in television, radio and theater, where she has developed an outstanding reputation for nuanced performances and impeccable comic timing. She loves being part of telling a story and  each new project still fills her with the desire to explore, discover and evolve.

A natural comedienne … Jane brings wit, intelligence, inventiveness and a fierce work ethic to the table time and again … a force on stage.  
— Sarah Rodgers, Jessie Award winning Director

When Jane moved to North America, she was shocked to discover how many children and adults were classified as illiterate and was inspired to co-found Hooked on Books,an innovative and unique children’s theater company that brings books to life on the stage to encourage children to read.  Since 1996, over one million children have been directly impacted by Jane’s creative ability and innovative approach.

Expression though music has always been a part of Jane’s life. She has dabbled in piano and guitar and sung in many choirs, musicals and with her close harmony group “The Glam Jam”. A fitness instructor for many years, Jane loves tennis, golf, yoga and her great passion soccer. Soccer has taken Jane to the World Master’s Games in Edmonton, Canada and Sydney, Australia and in 2013 to Torino, Italy. There is nothing more exciting than scoring a goal!

Jane values family above all else.  She would like to thank her wonderful husband Mike and her two fabulous children, Ross and Emma for their constant love and support – not forgetting cats Lily and Jason!

The living moment is everything. — D.H.Lawrence