A Very Trivial Pursuit

By Jane Noble, Laurie Brazzill, Helen Morissey


Jane Noble, Laurie Brazzill




Granville Island, Vancouver


Oh for God's sake! The things you have to put up with on a speedy low budget quest for the Almighty - a randy Arab, a sore throat, a sandy vagina, a brace of rats and a bit of a highland fling. Join Bic, Triv and Flo as they boldly go where no show has gone before.


If you are looking for some great laughs...then get out and see this show....More far out than romper room on acid.
Plank Magazine
I lapped it up.
Brenda, Laurie's dog

Jane Says

On our wish list for several years, Laurie Brazzill, stand up comedian Helen Morissey and I finally got together to write a very silly, very funny adventure for the Vancouver Fringe. It was a hoot. I just wish we had been able to do more performances.