Birds of Paradise

By David Evans, Winnie Holzman


Rex Garner




Alhambra Theatre, Johannesburg; Theatre on the Bay, Cape Town; Wild Coast Sun, Port Edward


A prim and proper English lady jets off to the Virgin Islands to take up residence at her new venture – a riding school. Little does she know that the ad meant for "The Horseman’s Monthly" had ended up in "The Whoresman’s Weekly" and the fillies are not of the hoofed but of the high-heeled variety.


Jane Noble playing the role of the English marm warm, effusive, sexy and takes her part with both grace and decisive style. Much of the success of the play revolves around her being at the centre of it, and she rises easily to that with professional chutzpah.
Iain MacDonald, The Argus
English import Jane Noble, with her astonishing metamorphosis from dowdy spinster to elegant, glamorous Madame is quite the most convincing Yolande I have seen.
Raeford Daniel, The Sunday Times

Jane Says

A very memorable production for me as it was the first time I had the opportunity to work with the brilliant Rex Garner. He is a master of comedy and farce and to learn from the best was an absolute privilege.