Hay Fever

By Noel Coward


Nicola Cavendish


Judith Bliss


Presentation House, Vancouver


Hay Fever is a comedy of style, wit and excessively bad manners that examines the antics of an eccentric theatrical family. When a quartet of visitors arrives on the doorstep of the Bliss country home, an innocent weekend leads to unexpected mayhem.


Centre-stage, and the show-stopper, is the broadly theatrical Judith, played by Noble with wonderful aplomb in a note-perfect performance. She’s big and broad but never too much so.  Coward would adore her, dahling
Jerry Wasserman
Judith is melodramatic, flirtatious, outrageously self-centred but much loved by her family and actor Jane Noble fills the role sparklingly with a bright smile and come hither look.
Jo Ledingham,  Vancouver Courier
Noble is especially good when she’s at her most playful—adopting outrageous Irish or Russian accents as Judith slips into the roles that made her famous in London’s West End.