Lady Windermere's Fan

By Oscar Wilde


Stephen Drover


Mrs. Erlynne


Jericho Arts Centre, Vancouver


Lady Windermere is a moralistic young woman who considers leaving her new husband when she believes he has been unfaithful with the mysterious Mrs. Erlynne, who turns out to be her own mother. A biting satire on the institutions of Victorian society, particularly marriage, and a poignant portrait of a young woman's emotional coming of age.


Noble’s Erlynne absolutely steals this show. Looking, as one of the men says, "like an edition de luxe of a wicked French novel," ... Noble manages to convey all the layers of her character’s complexity. It’s a bravura performance
Jerry Wasserman
Effervescent Jane Noble just has to flash that big, bright smile and we know we are rooting for Mrs. Erlynne...
Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier
Jane is fantastic to work with! She brings a professional demeanour and skill set to the process while providing a refreshing ray of light in the rehearsal room. A very reliable actor and a wonderful talent.
Stephen Drover, MFA Directing

Jane Says

I loved playing Mrs. Erlynne as she is flirtatious, confident and scheming. Heartless on the surface, she has way more depth and compassion than she ever wishes to let on. And 30’s fashions are just gorgeous.