Move Over Mrs. Markham

By Ray Cooney


Bernard Cuffling


Joanna Markham


Stage West, Calgary


When three couples plan romantic interludes in the Markham’s flat, all on the same evening, there are mistaken identities, titillating situations and mix-ups galore.


Jane is hardworking, inquisitive, fun and 100 per cent professional. I have worked with her as an actor and a director and on every occasion, it has been a huge delight!
Bernard Cuffling, Director, Actor
A dedicated performer and a true professional.
Kira Campbell, Production Manager/Artistic Associate, Stage West Calgary
The key to a successful farce is casting the best comedic actors available which is precisely what director Bernard Cuffling has done.
Louis B. Hobson, The Calgary Sun
Jane Noble does a super job as Mrs. Markham, whose character loosens up as things get zanier and zanier at the apartment.
Licia Corbella, The Calgary Herald

Jane Says

To make people laugh every night is rewarding and uplifting. Great cast and a chance to work for the third time with the delightful Mr. Bernard Cuffling.