By Brian Nelson


Marya Mazor




Chance Theater, Anaheim


When an artist attempts to grab some media attention by employing a homeless man to be his newest art installation in a museum, the public is intrigued. Behind the scenes, a series of events revolving around this new sensation in the art world takes us down unpredictable avenues and leads us to question the line between right and wrong, a job and enslavement, and art and reality.


Like its characters, “Overlooked” is slick, glossy and professional, yet comprised of elements far more substantial—and therefore more thought provoking for us.
Overlooked" also gets a huge boost from Jane Noble in her Chance debut as the polished Elise, a cheerful, inquisitive, fast-thinking and very wealthy art patron.
OC Register
Best of all is the authentically English Noble, who plays Elise like a cross between Helen Mirren and Joan Collins—and deliciously so.

Jane Says

It is always so exciting to be the first actor to bring a role to life. Brian Nelson's play was so sharp and insightful and Elise was such a meaty character. Someone you hate and love all at the same time.