The History Boys

By Alan Bennett


Dorothy Lintott


Dean Paul Gibson


Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver


Set in 1980s Britain at an all boys Grammar school, the results obsessed headmaster doubts the abilities of two veteran teachers - eccentric, freestyle Hector and factual Mrs. Lintott - to adequately prepare a group of clever history pupils for the entrance examinations for Oxford and Cambridge. So he brings in a brash young substitute teacher to add polish and show them how to win.The History Boys was nominated for 4 Jessie Richardson awards, including Outstanding Production.


There is only one female character on stage, the divorced Dorothy Lintott  …who speaks plainly, delivering perfectly timed, dry lines that tell it like it is.
Marsha Lederman, The Globe and Mail
Jane Noble in a sharp observation of the lonely role of the only woman at the school.
Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun
The Arts Club’s production of The History Boys is the first must-see production of the fall theatre season.
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

Jane Says

The rehearsal period for this play was fascinating- so much to discuss with ideas and energy flying. Dean Paul Gibson constantly pushed and probed and encouraged us to discover more and to never stop exploring. The play also had a touch of déjà vue for me as I was once the only female member of staff at an all boys Grammar school in England.