Tammy Isaacson




Performance Works, Vancouver


A snowstorm leaves a group of mourners stranded at a rural wake. As they gorge on the funeral spread, the walls are torn away to reveal terrifying figures who have come to expose the inner beast in us all.


Jane Noble, as the mother, matches Ashley O’Connell’s tour de force performance... with confidence and grace.
Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

Jane Says

Werewolves was almost completely unintelligible the first time I read it and hugely challenging to try and decipher the playwright’s intent. It was wonderfully weird, dark, obscure, complex and bizarre and gave me the opportunity to play a very different role as Maurya, the old crone who dies and comes back as a ghostly bride. Even more challenging, was having to remain motionless in a coffin on stage for 30 minutes.